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Today marks the 6th anniversary of our founder Russ Tutterow’s passing. And there seems no greater time to celebrate his life, gifts, and legacy than this great moment of pause and transition. Russ was one of my first worldly mentors. I was invited into Dramatists as a young, newly graduated MFA student with lots of enthusiasm, hope, and moxie — as well as a lot to learn. Russ helped hone my skills, put opportunities and challenges in my path, and uplifted me at every opportunity. But that wasn’t because I was special — Russ did this for everyone.

He was a colleague and collaborator to multitudes — but even more, he was a true champion and friend. This quality made Chicago Dramatists a vibrant home and nexus for all theater artists, ranging from local storefronts to multi-million dollar stages. Despite his artistic success, I believe it was Russ’ abiding relationships that gave his life its greatest meaning — not to mention his death: in his final days he was visited, embraced, and assisted by more people than Weiss Memorial Hospital had ever seen. As one close friend said so eloquently, “He made each of us believe we were his favorite.” And my response was, “Yes, because we each were.” Because his heart and soul were that big, strong, human, and generous. So please join us for a casual gathering Saturday May 8 at 2 pm in celebration of Russ, Chicago Dramatists, and our luminous future just ahead.  

Sincerely — Carson Grace Becker 

Chicago Dramatists’ Response To The Attacks In Georgia

Chicago Dramatists condemns the brutal killings in Georgia this Tuesday, and recognizes the frightening rise in violence again Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. As well, we call out this violence, prejudice, chauvinism, and ignorance — fueled by xenophobia — as a parallel pandemic. Racism, both individual and institutional, is a deadly and rampant virus in our midst. There is a long and unjust history of Asian American abuse in our country, and to see it expressed anew is devastating, infuriating, and shameful. 
As artists, we understand that to make and create is a much harder and more complex act than to kill and destroy. Consequently, we renew our commitment to our Asian-American and Pacific Islander sisters and brothers, and look forward to further supporting and developing their unique and essential stories for our local and world stages. We honor all the contributions these communities have made to our culture, country and lives, and deeply grieve these most recent mindless assaults.


Carson Grace Becker

Artistic Director, Chicago Dramatists

Resources To Combat Violence Against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders

We invite and encourage all of our members to click the link below for resources on how to combat violence against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. You’ll find news, updates, statistics, and more information. You’ll also find ways to help educate yourself and others, organizations and funds to donate to, and ways you can get more deeply involved.

Chicago Dramatists Support of Black Lives Matter and BIPOC Artists

We continue to stand in solidarity with those fighting for social justice in the name of the Black Lives Matter Movement, and continue our own work towards a greater level of inclusion and diversity in all arenas of our organization.

Please see the link above listed on our top banner, titled “In Support Of Black Lives Matter.” There, you will find all of the details pertaining to our DEI programming, including classes, initiatives, and more. You can also find a link on that page to a list of organizations you can partner with, to help in the fight for social justice.

Chicago Dramatists: COVID-19 Response

Due to circumstances regarding COVID-19, Chicago Dramatists at 1105 West Chicago Ave is currently closed, until further notice. For the time being, all classes and events will be held online. Additionally, we will not be having classes at The Literacenter until further notice. The Literacenter is actively keeping Chicago Dramatists appraised of the situation, as the quarantine continues. As soon as we are able, we will be back in the classroom.

As our phone line connects directly to the theater, please do not call during this time. Any questions and concerns should be sent to the staff via email. Click here to access a full list of contact information for the staff.

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