Saturday Series Readings

Our next Saturday Series will be on Saturday, Feb 22 at 2pm. The play being presented is Network Member John Susman’splay The Chicago Boys. Click here to register.

The Chicago Boys by Network Member John Susman

Synopsis: The Chicago Boys

The Chicago Boys traces how the U.S. was involved in the overthrow of Chile’s democratically elected president, Salvador Allende, and how a group of economists from the University of Chicago took over under the repressive dictatorship of General Augusto Pinochet.

About Saturday Series…

The Saturday Series, our longest-running program, lies at the heart of Chicago Dramatist’ new play development mission. Most Saturday Series events are public readings of plays-in-progress, but other events include panel discussions and fireside chats with visiting artists. 

All plays read in the Saturday Series are directed, rehearsed and performed with minimal staging. Admission is free. We draw from Chicago’s Equity and Non-Equity acting pool, as well as our long standing group of Artistic Associates, many of whom are award winning directors, actors and designers.

After each reading, audience members are invited to fill out written response sheets and to participate in a moderated post-reading discussion. We’d love to have you join us at any of our upcoming readings to witness the emergence of new dramatic works, and to participate in their honing and development.