Playwrights Aloud!

Playwrights Aloud is a new reading Series at Chicago Dramatists of short scripts written by emerging playwrights. Playwrights Aloud will take place on the first and third Sunday of every month and will provide music stand readings of five new 10min Plays by emerging playwrights.

Each night, actors will have the opportunity to come in and audition at 6:00pm. The shows will be cast that night, rehearsed that night, and performed that night at 8:00pm followed by a brief talk-back.

Playwrights Aloud will be taking a brief hiatus until January 2020. There will be two “Playwrights Aloud Presents…” events in December of 2019 for members of the community that have been involved in Playwrights Aloud these past few months.


The next Playwrights Aloud Reading will be taking place on February 2nd at 6:00pm. Submissions are due at 11:59pm on January 25th.

Graphic by Zach Barr.

Actors & Audience

For actors interested in being a part of the reading: Participants need to arrive at 6:00pm, at which point they will read sides from each of the plays, and then be cast accordingly. After 50 minutes of rehearsal, the reading will begin at 8:00pm!