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There was a mad dash by folks to sign up for Network yesterday, and there are only a handful of slots remaining. We’re capping registration for the year at 50 new writers, bringing our total number of Network Playwrights to 100 members. Once we hit our 100-person cap, registration will close for a year. There are only 17 spots left: grab yours today!

Steps of Registration

  1. Fill out the submission form at the link above.
  2. You will receive a phone call from the Network Director to set up payment over the phone. **Please Note:** Because the theater is currently closed, we cannot call you from the Chicago Dramatists landline. The call you receive from the Network Director to confirm your membership will be from a Connecticut number. This is not spam.
  3. You will set up a payment with the Network Director, and you’re all set!

About Network

Open to playwrights of every level, the Network Playwright Program is available to any writer who has the desire to advance their skills, plays, and careers, through a vibrant professional development program.  With a wide array of opportunities to have your newest play read, critiqued, and presented to the public, the Network Playwright Program is a wonderful next step in the career of any dramatic writer. See below for a list of perks, cost, and how you can sign up.

Membership Perks

  • Saturday Reading Series: As a part of the Saturday Series, 7 – 10 spots will be reserved specifically for Network talent. Selected playwrights will have their full length plays presented at the Russ Tutterow Theater.
  • Ten Minute Play Festival:  This is one of our newest programs designed for Network Members. This staged reading of 10-minute plays will be comprised entirely of Network writers and will premiere on the Russ Tutterow stage. The plays will be helmed by professional directors and presented by professional actors in a staged reading. The festival of read work will be held on Saturday and Sunday July 11 – 12.
  • Script Lab Critiques:  Members may submit 1 play to be critiqued and reviewed by a Resident playwright, a Resident alum, or other theatre professional.  This is a direct, efficient way to get the feedback you need, to take your script to the next level. Work must be submitted for critique before being eligible for selection as a part of the Saturday Reading Series. Should a non-Network member wish to purchase a Script Lab, they may do so at an additional cost. In the same vein, if Network Members would like to submit additional scripts (beyond the 1 free Script Lab they receive per year), they may do so at a discounted price. Network Members who wish to submit a script for Script Lab must fill out the submission form below.
  • First Draft Series:  These bi-monthly meetings allow Network members to read and critique each other’s work, while guided by a theater professional. These readings are a tremendous opportunity to have your work seen and read by the Network community and to invite guests. Meetings are held in the Russ Tutterow Theater on the second and fourth Monday of the month. The public is also invited to hear First Draft readings.
  • Discounts & Free Admission:  Members receive numerous discounts, including $25 off classes and other services (including room rentals for rehearsal space or table reads!) Network members can also attend certain Chicago Dramatists events at no cost.
  • Social Events & Networking Opportunities:  Join in at get-togethers, parties, and other social events. There will be social mixers where Network members will meet and mingle. We’ll invite other theater professionals, (directors, dramaturgs, actors, and more), in the hopes of fostering collaboration and fresh projects.

Cost And Payment Plans

Network Membership costs $350 per year for residents living in the Chicago-land area. For those living 100 miles or more outside of the Chicago-land area, the yearly cost is $250. For this yearly fee, you’ll receive all of the perks above, and the backing of a vibrant and dynamic community of writers.

We offer payment plans for those who are interested. Payment plans divide the total amount into 3 separate installments, made every four months. Plans are as follows:

  • Chicago Residents: $116.66 per month for residents living in the Chicago area. Three payments total.
  • Residents living 100 miles or more outside of Chicago: $83.33 per month. Three payments total.

Script Lab Submissions

Network Members who would like to submit a script for Script Lab will need to fill out the submission form, found at the link below. Writers should note that every Script Lab Reader has a different methodology to their critiquing process. All Readers are accomplished dramatists, and have a long-standing history with our company, and we encourage this wide array of techniques used by our Script Lab Readers when evaluating work.

Current Network Members

Click the button below to view our current listed of Network Playwrights! (more information will be added soon)

Questions And Comments

Any questions about the Network Playwright Program should be directed to our Network Director, Ean Miles Kessler. Fill out the contact form below, and he will be sure to respond as soon as possible.