Neil Blackadder

My teaching of playwriting is informed by my translation of drama old and new, and my directing, as well as my classroom experience. I strive both to honor writers’ imaginations and to help them to embrace a variety of ways to tell stories on stage.

Neil Blackadder is a translator of drama and prose from German and French, specializing in contemporary theatre, and recently retired from a 25-year career teaching theater at Knox College and Duke University. Neil’s translations have been staged in New York, London, Chicago, and elsewhere, and widely published. Playwrights Neil has translated include Lukas Bärfuss, Rebekka Kricheldorf, Ewald Palmetshofer, Ferdinand Schmalz, Mishka Lavigne, and Thomas Arzt. He is also the author of Performing Opposition: Modern Theater and the Scandalized Audience.

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