Kurt Jolly

I believe in the teacher as facilitator and the encouraging force. I like to guide my students to tap into their creative selves, and realize the potential they have within them. I like to push them to reach their goals, and reach beyond what they originally think of their ideas/themselves. Also- acknowledging that “creative critic” and how to help silence or overpower that part of yourself. Seeing students AHA moments and self realizations are a wonderful perk of education. I think that knowledge truly is power and continued lifelong learning is a gift we can continue to give ourselves and others.

Kurt Jolly (he/him) is a Queer Chicago-based writer, director, and interactive artist.  He has a diverse experience in many artistic avenues:  art education, on the stage, behind the writing desk, and behind the camera.  Like his name, he looks to find the joy and happiness in the world while also acknowledging its darkness.  He has a Masters in Education and Leadership, and has studied at the Harold Ramis Film School at The Second City Chicago.  One of his comedic pilot screenplays was selected as a semi-finalist in the Teen Movie Contest from Powederkeg (Paul Fieg) and ColorCreative (Issa Rae/Deniese Davis), and his latest short film “GlitterLand” was accepted into various film festivals around the country.

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