Fundraising Events

Chicago Dramatists has been a homebase for playwrights for decades to develop new, exciting, innovative work, but we could not provide all of these incredible opportunities without your support. As a thank you for your continued love and patronage, we plan a large number of fundraising events both to raise more for the company and celebrate our incredible artists and patrons.

We at Chicago Dramatists have just launched our newest fundraising campaign to begin our Decade of the Dramatists entitled Our Living Legacy. You can learn more about the campaign or donate by clicking the button below.

As part of this campaign we will have a series of events to help us reach and celebrate our sub-goals on the way to raising $100,000.

Our first of these events is entitled Leap Forward and will take place on February 29th at 5:00pm. This event will be an opportunity to come to the theatre, learn about the campaign, ask questions, and enjoy a brief reading. You can register for Leap Forward below.

Our Living Legacy Campaign will culminate in our 2nd Annual La Nuit D’amour Dramatique on August 1st! Click the button below to learn more about La Nuit and mark your calendars!

The remainder of our 2020 fundraising events will be posted here as they approach, but you can learn a little about what we have planned by going to Our Living Legacy campaign page with the link above or on the right hand toolbar.