Dionna Griffin-Irons

My work is about transformation, discovery, and powerful action. I believe that as artists and creatives, we go through a process of remembering and forgetting our greatest potential.  Writing and improv is the portal that beckons us to live our greatest truth.

Dionna Griffin-Irons is a multifaceted producer, writer, and advocate for Diversity and Inclusion. Her work has been instituted at the legendary Second City comedy theatre in the U.S. and Canada. As a Second City Detroit alumna with 20+ years of experience as a performer, producer, and facilitator, Dionna has taught 200+ workshops at colleges, women’s shelters, corporate boardrooms and worked with the United States Embassy in Norway and Latvia introducing improv as a tool for social change.  Her inclusion work has appeared in Diversity Journal publication, on NPR, ABC, NBC, and American Theatre magazine (2019) along with numerous academic posts including a 2015 TEDx at the University of Chicago. Her 2014 published work can be found in Rowan/Littlefield’s anthology “Women, Writing and Prison”.@dionnagirons, dionnagriffinirons.blog