In Support of Black Lives Matter

Dear Chicago Dramatists Community–

Chicago Dramatists continues to stand alongside those who are marching/demonstrating for justice and the dismantlement of racism and white supremacy. As a non-profit arts and culture institution, we are committed to supporting the lives and work of Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) artists within our large community of emerging and established writers, actors, directors, dramaturges and patrons. We have implemented a new set of upcoming and ongoing DEI arts and education programming, in our work towards this larger end.

  • Playwriting & Creative/Professional Development courses taught by Black Artists for Black Artists (offered free to eligible students, though instructors will be paid)
  • Our Fall Tutterow Fellow New Play Festival, which this year is exclusively BIPOC
  • Our Resident Playwrights, half of whom identify as BIPOC or Differently Abled, will continue to present staged readings of new work in our Saturday Series and other Chicago Dramatists events
  • Further development of our New Play Reading Outreach Program, in collaboration with Literacy Chicago, where together we work with BIPOC Adult Learners
  • A BIPOC Resident Playwright New Play Festival in 2021
  • An offering of theater space to Chicago BIPOC artists and itinerant theaters for new play readings. (Due to the pandemic, certain dates and delivery mechanisms may shift — but our programming will remain the same, and may even be added to)

We invite you to hold us accountable as we execute our plans. If you have questions, please write Clarke Smith at We encourage everyone to click the link below for a list of organizations dedicated to supporting the BLM movement and other social justice causes. Thank you for your time, consideration and support.

Chicago Dramatists

And if you are inclined to call your local representatives here is a list — or contact Governor J.B. Pritzker (312-814-2121) or Tim Walz, Governor of Minnesota at 1-651-201-3400, (or toll free at: 1-800-657-3717) to share your voice. You may also contact Lori Lightfoot and City Hall at 312-744-5000