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Tier 1 – Fundamentals

Comprising the Writer's Studio Essentials 1 through 3 fundamentals sequence, students will explore their unique voice and theatricality, be able to describe and apply dramatic structure, write dialogue, stage direction, construct characters, arrange work in the correct industry format, and employ methods to give and receive feedback. A scholarship and fellowship are available to assist with program cost.  

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Essentials 1

In the first of the Essentials series, you will become familiar with the components of dramatic structure and format, receive tools to explore your unique voice and how to give and receive usable feedback, grasp the difference between dialog and conversation, plus will write and workshop a 10-minute play applying what you have learned.

Prerequisite: None

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Essentials 2

In the second of the Essentials series, you will delve deeper into the components of dramatic structure, evaluate conflict, identify and discriminate theatricality, differentiate use of stage direction, and articulate how you use plasticity of the stage within format—applying it all by writing a new 10-minute play and evaluating your peer’s work. This course culminates in a campus presentation of the classes’ 10-minute plays (not available for online students).

Prerequisite: Essentials 1 or Essentials Bootcamp





Essentials 3

In the third (and final) of the Essentials series, you will expand your 10-minute play talents to write a one-act utilizing the components of dramatic structure and action. By the course’s end you will be ready to pitch your one-act play to peers PLUS advance on to Tier 2!

Prerequisite: Essentials 2




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